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Tips and Tricks: How do I report spam or phishing to OIT?
Article: KB0010287 Published: 06-05-2015 Last modified: 02-28-2017

OIT has created a special email address, <>, to which you can report spam or phishing that you receive. All spam examples sent to this address are analyzed to adjust UCI's anti-spam/anti-phishing system.

In order to assist in a better analysis of the spam or phishing, instead of a normal forwarding of the email, please forward the email as an attachment which will preserve the email headers. Instructions for commonly used email clients at UCI are listed below. If you do not see your email client listed, please contact the OIT Help Desk at x42222 or <> for assistance.

In order to streamline the analysis process, please send your reports only to <>.  It is not necessary to send copies to the OIT Help Desk, Network Security Team, or other OIT addresses.  The OIT anti-spam team works closely with all related teams within OIT and will contact the appropriate team as necessary.

Microsoft Outlook

  1. Select Forward as Attachment from the More menu to the right of the normal Forward button on the ribbon bar.

          Outlook Forward as Attachment
  2. Send the spam to <>.

Microsoft Outlook on the Web (OWA, Office365)

  1. Create a new message by clicking + New as normal.

         Office365 New Message
  2. Click the Open in a separate window icon Office365 Separate Windowlocated in the top right corner of the message window. This will open the new message as its own window. If you are using your web browser in full screen mode, you may have to resize/rearrange your windows so that the new window does not overlap your main window.
  3. Drag the spam message from your mail folder list to the new message window.

          Office365 Attachment
  4. Send the spam to <>.

Mac OS X Mail

  1. Select Forward as Attachment from the Message menu.

          Mac OX X Mail Forward as Attachment
  2. Send the spam to <>.

iOS Mail

  1. iOS Mail does not have a Forward as Attachment option. If possible, please use another email client to report spam. If you do not have another email client available, you may forward the message as normal to <>.

UCI Webmail

  1. Select Forward as attachment from the menu to the right of the Forward button.

          Roundcube Forward as attachment
  2. Send the spam to <>.


  1. Select Attachment from the Forward As submenu in the Message menu.

  2. Send the spam to <>.


  1. View the spam you want to report.
  2. Click the down arrow next to to Reply at the top of the message pane.
  3. Select Show Original.

          Gmail Show original
  4. Copy the contents of the window that opens into a new message to  <>.

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