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I keep getting the re-authenticate error while trying to connect to the VPN


2.0 - Updated on 05-12-2022 by Paty Ruiz Gonzalez

1.0 - Authored on 10-15-2021 by Paty Ruiz Gonzalez

When signing in to the VPN using one of the non-classic groups, you may encounter the re-authentication error if you are on a public network. This is because public networks or NATed type environments can cause your IP address to change during your login session. If this happens, please use the classic groups to access the VPN instead. The two groups are UCI-classic and UCIFull-classic, to log in please use your UCInetID and password and for the third field, you will select which method of DUO you would like to use to authenticate the login.

If you would like to send a push notification to your mobile device, please type in 'push' into the third field without the quotation marks. You will have to check your phone for the notification and approve it as the Cisco application will not tell you if the push was sent as the regular login would. If you would like to use a code or have a hardware token, enter the code into the third field instead.

After verifying your login, you will be able to connect to the VPN.