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UCI Gmail: I'm a new student. How do I setup my UCI Gmail account?


All new undergraduate and transfer students receive UCI Gmail accounts. To use your UCI Gmail, you must first must activate it. Please follow the steps below to activate your UCI Gmail account.

Note: This does NOT apply to Merage MBAs/Grad students or Law School students (as they use Office 365). If you are one of these students, please contact your local IT in Merage or the Law School for support.

  1. Visit and click the link “Students” under the “Set up/Renew" section. Then on the next page, click the first link under the heading "New Students" and follow the instructions that will appear to create a password for your UCI Gmail account.
  2. You’ll then have the opportunity to sign in, so make sure you use your full email address ( as the username.
  3. Upon your first successful login to your UCI Gmail account, you will have to agree to Terms of Service. Once you do, you will have full access to your inbox.

Going forward, whenever you want to check your email from the web, you can simply visit and sign in with your full email address ( as the username.

Authored by Mike Caban
Last modified 2 months ago