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Locked out of DEFT? Here's how to get Unlocked.


If a user reports that they are locked out of DEFT, here are the steps to resolve the issue:

1) If the user has tried 3 times unsuccessfully to answer their security question, they will see this screen:

Have them click the Unlock Account to begin the unlock process.

2) Next, have them click the Send Confirmation Number button. Within a few minutes, ask them to check their UCI email for a message from with the subject line of Disbursement Electronic Fund Transfer System Security Question Reset Confirmation. In that email is an 8-digit confirmation number that they will need to use in the next step.

3) Next, instruct the user to fill out the online form where they can (optionally) choose a new security question and a new answer (they enter the answer twice). Then, in the ID Number field they will need to enter their 9-digit UCI Employee ID number (or their 8-digit UCI Student ID number if they don't have an Employee ID number). Finally, ask them to copy the confirmation code from the email they received into the Confirmation Number field and then click Submit.

NOTE: If after about 5 minutes they still have not received the email with the confirmation number, ask them to check their Junk or Spam folders and to double-check that there aren't any email filters in place that may have moved the message out of the inbox (most of the time this is the case). If after a thorough search they still haven't found the email, have them click the Resend Confirmation Number email again. As it says on the screen, the confirmation number is only valid until midnight.

4) Finally, they will receive a confirmation screen letting them know that they were successful. Have them click the Go to Security Question button to be taken back to the DEFT login screen.