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UCI Gmail: How to set up an Out of the Office (OOO) message


Gmail allows you to set an automatic reply or vacation responder when you will be away from checking your email.

  1. Login to your UCI Gmail account
  2. Click the Gear Settings icon in the top right corner and select Settings
    Gmail Settings
  3. Under the General tab, scroll down to Vacation responder
  4. Select the day you want the responder to begin next to First day
  5. Select the day you want the responder to end next to Last day
  6. Compose your message in the Message box. This will be the automatic reply people will get while you are away.
  7. You can decide if you want to limit the replies to people in your Contacts or people using UCI’s Gmail.
  8. Select Vacation responder ON
  9. Click Save Changes
    Vacation Responder Settings