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How do I change my Display Name in UCI Gmail


2.0 - Updated on 03-29-2022 by Mike Caban

1.0 - Authored on 01-25-2017 by Mike Caban

Here's how to change your Display Name in UCI Gmail.
  1. Login to your UCI Gmail account.
  2. Select the gear in the upper-right and choose Settings.
  3. Select Accounts & Import.
  4. On the same line as "Send mail as," choose "edit info."
  5. In the popup window that appears, select the radio button next to the empty field below your current Display Name, and then enter your new Display Name.
  6. Select "Save Changes" and you're done.

Note that it may take a few minutes (possibly longer) before the change takes effect. And note that only new emails you send will show the new Display Name.

Here's how to change it across all of UCI Google Apps (Note: the change must be made through Google+).

  1. Visit this URL: and sign in to Google+.
  2. On the right, click the pencil icon to open a window where you can edit your Display Name.
  3. Make the name change and then click OK.

You'll probably need to wait about 10 minutes or so for the change to take effect. If it doesn't change at that point, just logout and log back in. This change is made by Google and we cannot expedite the process.